Prime Contracts & Subcontracts

Contracts allocate risks, rights, and responsibilities for a construction project. An effective contract utilizes clear writing to forecast and fairly allocate the risks involved on the project. Recognizing the defects in a contract requires a thorough understanding of project risks, project roles, and the current law. Our experience allows us to examine issues from all perspectives to identify potential issues and craft resolutions before they need to be litigated.

At Manion Stigger LLP, we appreciate that a prime contract is going to have a ripple effect on any subcontracts it may spawn and thereby can impact the entire construction project. We have drafted, negotiated, reviewed, and litigated countless prime contracts.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience with subcontracts. We have drafted, negotiated, and litigated manuscript agreements, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and documents to suit projects of all shapes, sizes, and delivery methods.