Bid Protests & Administrative Proceedings

Interpreting the requirements for government construction contracts is a complicated task but figuring out governmental bid protests is even more complex. If you have unfairly lost a bid or have won a bid and now must defend against a protest, Manion Stigger LLP can provide counsel to clarify these intricate procedural battlegrounds and vigorously represent your interests.

Among the many requirements for an effective bid protest is the specific (and short) amount of time in which such protests must be filed. Moreover, to successfully pursue a bid protest, you must show the governmental entity that your bid was the best responsive bid and illustrate the flaws in the winning bid. The ultimate review for a bid protest is a hearing before an administrative tribunal, where you will be required to present evidence and argue your case before an administrative law judge.

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending and pursuing bid protests in administrative proceedings. We advise on applicable time limits, the evidentiary requirements, and, more importantly, the business implications for such claims. Given the procedural complexities associated with bid protests and the potentially large monetary implications, it is imperative to have representation that fully understands your business model and the legal requirements for such claims.