Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Handling contract disputes on construction projects, such as those related to cost overruns, schedule delays, labor problems, or defective design, is the cornerstone of our practice. Contract disputes can present unique challenges as they often occur while the project is still happening, forcing embroiled parties to continue to work together while debating various issues.  Additionally, when a party on a construction project faces a contract dispute, it can threaten the completion of the project as well as that party’s livelihood.

Our attorneys understand the complexities of construction projects so when a contract dispute arises, we can aggressively enforce our clients’ contractual rights in litigation, arbitration, or mediation, while still working to keep the project work going. We have the experience to fully understand the implications of a contract claim and to customize an efficient, expedited solution for our clients.  We have helped a wide range of construction professionals recover millions in damages in: